Anthropometric and physical fitness characteristics of male cricket players at the University of the Western Cape

  • Keeran Dana
  • Zane Webster
  • Andre L. Travill


Introduction: The purpose of this study was to describe the anthropometric and physical fitness characteristics of male university cricket players as a set of reference values, and to investigate possible differences between batsmen and bowlers in terms of these characteristics.

Methods: The anthropometric profiles of participants were height, weight, skinfolds, waist and hip circumferences and body composition, while the physical fitness characteristics assessed were aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, and speed. The subjects were senior male cricket players from a tertiary institution. They were classified as fast bowlers, batsmen, and spin bowlers, for comparative purposes.

Results: The three groups were found to differ significantly in terms of their height, (p<0.05) with fast bowlers (182.6cm) the tallest followed by batsmen (173.5cm) and spin bowlers (165.8cm) the shortest. Fast bowlers (82.0kg) were the heaviest, followed by batters (73.2kg), and spin bowlers (59.8kg) the lightest. Fast bowlers (80.9cm) had significantly longer arms than spin bowlers (74.9) (p<0.05) but did not differ from the batters (p>0.05).

Conclusion: The present study found no significant differences in the physiological characteristics of the players across all the sub-disciplines. However, the technical requirements associated with each sub-disciplines require different sets of anthropometric characteristics which could be advantages in the performance of the skills.


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