Rehabilitation of stroke patients treated at a community based rehabilitation center

  • Anthea Rhoda
  • Jenny Hendry


Aim: The overall aim of the study was to compile a profile of stroke patients receiving out-patient rehabilitation in the
community. Included in the profile was the referral and rehabilitation process.
Method: The study design was descriptive, utilizing a retrospective survey of patient documentation. Patient records
were used to collate the data.
Results: Records of 168 patients were included in the study. A large percentage (55.9%) of the patients were referred
by primary level sources. Thirty three percent of the patients were assessed within their first two weeks post-stroke.
Sixty nine percent of the patients received rehabilitation for less than 3 months with an average of one treatment
session per week. Results indicate an improvement in functional status of the patients when comparing admission
and discharge scores (p=< 0.0005).
Conclusion: Out-patient community based rehabil itation could have a positive effect on the functional status of stroke