An analysis of the transition of newly qualified registered nurses during the first year of registration with the South African nursing council: a short report

  • Sindisiwe Mthembu
  • Faith Zakwe


Literature shows that the process of transition from student nurse to qualified registered nurse has long been recognized as a stressful experience. The South African Nursing Council requires newly qualified nurse practitioners to have the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which will enable them to render an efficient service. The purpose of this research was to analyse the views of newly qualified registered nurses on their clinical experiences during their first year of registration.

A quantitative descriptive design was used. The population included 40 newly qualified nurses who were still in their first year of being registered nurses. Convenience sampling was done.

This study revealed that the transition period remains stressful for some newly qualified practitioners because of the minimal support they receive.

It is recommended that there should be careful planning of student experiences in their final year of study and that the inconsistencies in clinical settings be addressed.



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