Youth health research as an area of expertise at the University of the Western Cape

  • José M. Frantz
  • Julie Phillips
  • Ratie Mpofu


There is mounting evidence of the health risk behaviours that adolescents are involved in on a daily basis. Local and national governments have advocated for intervention programmes to prevent an increase in the health risk behaviours among young people. In order to introduce effective prevention strategies, evaluation of the current situation is needed. The University of the Western Cape, identified Youth Wellness as one of the niche areas for research.

This paper aims to synthesize the studies on youth wellness conducted at the University of the Western Cape.

The studies conducted included epidemiological studies and intervention studies. Studies used both qualitative and quantitative designs. Most of the studies highlighted the need for intervention programmes at various levels such as personal (individual), community and policy.

The findings of the research clearly highlights the need for researchers at UWC to identify
appropriate criteria by which to measure the desired intervention outcomes


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