Routine chest physiotherapy is not more effective than usual supportive care in non-ventilated paediatric patients (0 to 24 months) with bronchiolitis: A systematic review

  • Anri Human
  • Karien Mostert-Wentzel


Purpose: To determine the effectiveness of chest physiotherapy (percussion, postural drainage and suctioning) in non-ventilated paediatric bronchiolitis patients aged 0 to 24 months.

Background: The field of paediatric cardiopulmonary physiotherapy has a limited evidence base and findings from this study may assist in choosing effective treatment options.

Methods: The follow ing databases were reviewed by making use of a specified search strategy: African Health Line, CINAHL, Cochrane, Ebsco-Host, E-theses/dissertations, PEDro, Medline Ovid, Sabine!, Science Direct and Up-To­ Date. Pre-set eligibility criteria were applied to the article title and/or abstract and full-text. Appraisal tools (CASP and PEDro scale) were used to evaluate and score the included studies. A qualitative synthesis was done as a meta­ analysis was not possible.

Results: Evidence does not support routine chest physiotherapy in uncomplicated viral bronchiolitis in non-ventilated paediatric  patients. Chest physiotherapy does not have a significant influence on various outcomes measures.

Conclusion:  Routine chest physiotherapy should not be prescribed for  non-ventilated paediatric patients with bronchiolitis.


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